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PSC Community Theatre Presents


Written by: Bill Ayers from Hugh Walpole

Directed by: Paolo De Paola


May 2019

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Written by: Daniel Goldstein

Directed: by Paolo de Paolo


May 2019

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The Trial of D'Arcy McGee

By Anthony Russell


April, 2019

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All the King’s Women

By Luigi Januzzi


November 2018

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Tales of Poe

June 2018


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The Case of the Missing School

June 2018


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Celestial Serendipity


Russell Wiitala

April 2018

Madam Celeste is a spirit guide who on behalf of her seekers (clients) channels another entity Ebee from another planet in a parallel universe for advice. Her seekers come to find out if they should go on a holiday to find their own true love, quit their jobs and how to find hidden gold coins.

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The PSC Community Theatre presents:
Cenarth Fox

A highly entertaining spoof about Agatha Christie and her characters...


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The PSC Youth Theatre presents
Our Junior Actors offer:
“The Point of the Pyramid”

Saturday June 10th 2017 at 16:00hrs (4pm)

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The PSC Youth Theatre presents
Our Senior Actors offer:
“30 Reasons Not to be in a Play”

Saturday, June 3rd 2017 at 16:00 hrs, (4pm)

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Imagine a time when stories were told by radio. Skilled actors would coax audiences out of their living rooms and into their imagination solely through sound.

In Joe Landry’s play – spies; murder; love; and other trademarks of Alfred Hitchcock come to life.

The play is a trio of radio suspense dramas, The Lodger, (modelled after Jack the Ripper) Sabotage, (terrorist attacks and undercover investigation) and 39 Steps (international spy story) which are enacted for a live radio broadcast.

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Dashing Through the Snow

By: Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope,
& Jamie Wooten
Directed by: Greg Hamilton

The location is Tinsel Texas where a parade of “nuttier-than-a-fruitcake” guests descends upon the Snowlake Inn.  The harried innkeeper Trina has her hands full with Mrs. Claus and one of Santa's elves on a romantic rendezvous; two feisty feuding aunts; 2 bombastic actors on a secret mission; and, a last minute wedding with the Futrelle family. There are 4 sitcom type skits which have been said to be more fun than a ride on a one horse open sleigh.  


Our “Junior” Youth Theatre Program will be presenting:




By: Rick Abbot
Directed by: Mylène Chicoine
(A Play within a Play!)

About The Play

Exhibit This!
The Museum Comedies?

by Luigi Jannuzzi

The Point Saint Charles Community Theatre presents
Exhibit this! The Museum Comedies by Luigi Jannuzzi –
An Award winning comedy where Works of Art come to Life!

About The Play Cast Photos


By Katherine DiSavino
Directed by Frank Mascitt

What is Nana up to?

As Vera says:“There are many things in that sentence you don’t want to know about”

About The Play


“Suddenly at Home”
Written by: Francis Durbridge
Directed by: Mina Vladimir

This play is an Unconventional Thriller


One of the main objectives of the PSC Community Theatre is to fully support a FREE Youth Theatre program, taught by a professional acting coach. The Youth Theatre consists of two groups – A JUNIOR group of young actors that are generally in grade school and a SENIOR group who a usually in high school. At the end of May, each of these groups will be offering two (2) productions of their play as follows:-

The Junior Group presents
Treasure Island
Saturday, May 24th & Sunday May 25th
Both performances start at 4pm

The Senior Group presents
The Book Club of Little Witterington & Dead Ringer
Friday May 30th at 7:30pm
Saturday, May 31st at 4:00pm


About The Play

Local Talent
By Montreal Playwright
Colleen Curran

A novel idea! It's 1990 and a cosmetic company decides to launch their new line by hosting a Mrs. Canada pageant. The lucky winner will be Minerva's spokesperson. A zany comedy featuring four contestants...

About The Play

The Point Saint Charles Community Theatre Youth Group called
"Acting Out"
“Fairy Tales with a Twist”

Come and see Sleeping Beauty; Cinderella and Snow White 20 yrs later. A hilarious- hysterical - comedy.
Good fun for the whole family.

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Nude with Violin
Written by Noel Coward
Directed by Bryan James

Paris 1950, the cultural capital of the world where modern art typified the avant garde and Joe public bowed to the tastes and opinions of the experts. [Read More]

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"Steel Magnolias”
Written by Robert Harling
Directed by Fabienne LePanse

Come and share this poignant comedy about the lives of 6 women who
gather at the local beauty salon to do the things friends do..... bond; gossip; and argue!
"I am a beautician not a magician"

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Play Photos

Kiss the Bride
by John Wooten

A Wedding reception like no other! Cast of characters include hit men, kidnapped bride, cops, hat check boy…. Mistaken identities abound in this madcap comedy!!!

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Our Youth Theatre Program

The Trouble with Trent
Around the World in a Thousand Year

As most of our audience is aware, one of the main objectives of the PSC Community Theatre is to offer a FREE Youth Theatre Acting program for any young actors in the greater Montreal area. We hope to not only provide these young people with acting skills - but also to provide them with self confidence; a chance to make new friends; the satisfaction of producing a good performance after many weeks of rehearsals etc.
This year our Youth Theatre Acting Out program will be presenting two plays...

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Dangerous Corner
By J.B. Priestly

J.B. Priestly's first play is set in a drawing room at the home of Freda and Robert Caplan. They have just finished entertaining close colleagues of their publishing firm – and one of their novelists – Miss Mockridge...

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Over the Checkerboard
by Fred Carmichael

The residents of a small Vermont town will do almost anything, or at least pretend to have done almost anything, in order to save their idyllic village from a ruthless real estate developer. They need to obtain a large cash advance in order to buy the land before the developer Benjamin Inchcape does.

They have been left a hot steamy manuscript by Oliver Foxworthy, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, and they have hatched a plan to convince the publisher that the manuscript is really a true story.


The Senior members of the PSC Youth Theatre program present:

Varney the Vampire or The Feast of Blood
On Saturday, May 28th 2011 at 4pm

The Junior members of our PSC Youth Theatre program present:

Peter Pan

On Saturday, June 4th 2011 at 4pm

By Noel Coward

HAYFEVER is set in the home of four eccentric members of the Bliss family (Judith; David and their two children Sorel & Simon). The Bliss family live their lives in a continuous display of drama. The fun really starts when they discover that each of them have invited guests down for the weekend.

A Little Holiday Magic

The PSC Community adult theatre joins forces with the young actors from our PSC Youth Theatre to present our 3rd Christmas - a new & very special holiday play.

By G B. Gilford

Tells the story of 6 elderly women living together, in a boarding house, who hatch a plan to meet their handsome neighbour – who just happens to be a homicide detective.

The Man Who Came To Dinner
By Kaufman and Hart

Sheridan Whiteside, a famous outlandish radio wit, slips on a piece of ice in front of the home of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley. While he recuperates, the household is forced to put up with the whims and caprices of their obnoxious house guest, as well as, his assorted acquaintances.

Into The Woods

The Wizard of Oz

By David French

It is a play within a play where the cast is preparing for their show “The Care & Treatment of Roses”

Videos & Photos from the Production

To view Videos go to:

PSC Community Theatre Proudly Presents

A Youth Theatre Production

Videos & Photos from our Annie Production

To view Videos go to:

To view some Photos go to:

“The Unexpected Guest” by Agatha Christie
April/May 2009

Rumors by Neil Simon
November 2008

Zoomers - By "Acting Out"
June 2008

The Night of January 16th - by Ayn Rand
April/May 2008

Black Comedy - by Peter Shaffer
November 2007

To see some photos and video clips from Black Comedy please click on the following links. These clips are compliments of George McRae and the Point Web Site at - Please note that you might have to join Phanfare in order to view these videos but it is an easy procedure. You simply click on the camera on the opening page of the Point Site ( and then include your e-mail and a password. George will then approve you to see these and other Point event photos..

Night Watch - by Lucille Fletcher
May/June 2007

Bedroom Farce
December 2006

The Good Doctor - by Neil Simon
June 2006

  • The PSC Community Theatre presented their first play – An adaptation of “The Good Doctor” on June 2nd & 3rd 2006. To view both video clips, and great photos of this play - please click here: -

    (Please note that the link to these images for both plays are provided compliments of George McRae & Wesley Dryden from the Point St. Charles web site at




The PSC Community Theatre is a non profit, fully volunteer organization and all revenue is for the support
of our FREE PSC Youth Theatre program and the Joe Beef Market

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