By Noel Coward


HAYFEVER is set in the home of four eccentric members of the Bliss family (Judith; David and their two children Sorel & Simon). The Bliss family live their lives in a continuous display of drama. The fun really starts when they discover that each of them have invited guests down for the weekend.

It soon becomes a weekend of “Get the Guests” as they are humiliated with parlour games and faked love intrigues. The final scene where the bedraggled guests fugitively leave is not even noticed by the Blisses as they quarrel over the street locations in Paris! The bantering which goes on in this play reminds one of the trivial banter of Seinfeld- or is it - that the trivial banter of Seinfeld reminds one of Hay Fever?

(Directed by Violetta Vasiliauskas & John Thomas)

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