The Play

Four Couples - Three Bedrooms & One Busy Night!!!!

The best joke of the play is the title! It conjures up images of spicy sex romps, slamming doors and sublimely ridiculous misunderstandings - only to deliver on none of these things!

Instead the play derives from one couple, Trevor & Susannah addressing their martial trouble at a friend's party.

Soon Trevor's parents, and ex-girlfriend, and her husband are involved...

The Players

The director, Pavla Uppal, was puzzled by British, Irish, Upstate New York, Plateau, Verdun, West-Island, and Point St.Charles accents of her actors during most of the rehearsals. (so she doesn’t really know what's going on) Therefore, she is thankful to Deborah who has seen it all and who untangled many puzzles by assisting Pavla in directing. Further, Pavla has no idea what or who are Pilchards and why do the beds speak Trini. All in all, her confusion will be resolved only on stage by her actors and she is looking forward to becoming an audience member to enjoy the show. Thank you.


Our Actors in Bedroom Farce

Why Guy? When the PSC Community Theater group was looking to cast the part of Nick, they knew immediately who to turn to: Guy Tremblay. Even though, like Nick, he has a bad back and can hardly move, he’s still a big presence on and off the stage. Thank you.
Kate is Miss Normal, not that she is excited by that aspect of her character but then again somebody has to be or who would have organized the party. Susannah's revelation completely turns Kate's nice little ordered world upside down. Her confusion forces her to confront Malcolm on one of his little secrets. Nonetheless I have confidence that Kate will move on and organize another party except she will not invite Trevor and Susannah the next time.
Delia is a very proper and controlling lady...Her idea of being "really wicked" is to share kippers on toast in bed with her husband - Ernest....When required, Delia can also be ultra charming and caring. On a personal note, Violetta would like to thank the cast for the good humour; insight and support - Thank you

The last time that John appeared on stage (without the aid of a guitar) was as a young schoolboy performing productions of the Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operas, Ruddigore and HMS Pinafore. Fortunately, his voice has now broken leaving his British stiff upper-lip firmly intact. John intends, apart from establishing the importance of being Ernest, to introduce the art of eating kippers at bedtime to his wife ***

Susannah is a classic, textbook case of arrested development. She is so immature and childlike that she behaves inappropriately ALL the time. She is completely self absorbed and eccentric and has married a selfish; womanizing lunatic –Trevor. This couple is so irritating that no one in their circle of friends can > really figure out why they still put up with them...... But they do.
Allan Lento is a Montreal musician with a passion for all the arts. Drawing from his singing and songwriting – background acting is an integral part to performing his songs. "Singing is acting -the song becomes the play." ....Allan Lento has performed with the Dead Dolls Cabaret Theatre troupe notorious for crossing theatrical boundaries. Allan played lead in "Boiling People In “My Coffee" a Concordia University student production. You can also see Allan Lento as a background actor in major feature films shot here in Montreal such as "Bewaafa" a Bollywood film where he acts as a guitar player and most notably as "the hoser guy" in "The Score".....for more info go to

Making her debut with the PSC Community Theater group, Mary DeMarle has very little in common with her character, Jan. She’s not screwing around with an ex, nor is she married. But if she was and if she had been, she’d never tell. There you are.

John is thrilled to be participating in his first PSC Community Theatre production with his friend and "wife", Peggie Hopkins and the rest of the wonderful crew and cast. He has begged roles in a number of independent and student films & plays. He really, really want to be an actor and is hoping that his role as Malcolm will result in his becoming less dependant on the art of begging!