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The PSC Community Theatre is a new non-profit, volunteer project with the objective of bringing live theatre production to Point St. Charles. This effort is in co-operation with the Point St. Charles YMCA on Ash St.

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The Group Of Sven

February 25, 2017

The GROUP OF SVEN are lady painters who generally meet each week to create works of art.
And, each year, they have a Vernissage to display and sell this art for the benefit of the PSC Theatre; our free Youth Theatre program and; our Joe Beef Market.


This year, this art show will take place on Saturday; February 25th 2017, from 2pm – 6pm, at the Old Bank at 1900 Wellington St. in the Point.

A great opportunity to both purchase some unique art work and support your Theatre at the same time.



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“Be sure to send your name and contact information to info@psccommunity.com in order that we can inform you of the scheduled date of the next play.

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