The Trouble with Trent
Around the World in a Thousand Year


Our Youth Theatre Program

As most of our audience is aware, one of the main objectives of the PSC Community Theatre is to offer a FREE Youth Theatre Acting program for any young actors in the greater Montreal area. We hope to not only provide these young people with acting skills - but also to provide them with self confidence; a chance to make new friends; the satisfaction of producing a good performance after many weeks of rehearsals etc.
This year our Youth Theatre Acting Out program will be presenting two plays:

Sunday - May 27th 2012 – “The Trouble with Trent”
On May 27th 2012, our Senior group (Generally between about 11 and 15 years old) along with a number of actors from our main adult Theatre present “The Trouble with Trent”


Saturday June 2nd 2012 – “Around the World in a Thousand Years”
On June 2nd 2012, our Junior actors (generally between the ages of about 7 years old and 11 years old) will be presenting a play called “Around the World in a Thousand Years”

Please note that both of these events take place at:
The Ukrainian Hall
1770 Centre St.
Point St. Charles (Montreal)

Thanks to funds raised by the main adult theatre, along with some generous donations from some individuals and groups, we are able to offer these plays at only a $2.00 suggested donation.

Please do come and support the efforts of our young actors !

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